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Flatten your abs:


Learn to Really Firm and Flatten your Abs


Flatten your abs helps you:

         Shrink you waistline

         Lose Belly Fat

         Eliminate back pain

         Develop 6 pack abs

Learn how to flatten your abs from David Grisaffi an exercise specialist, strength coach and personal trainer since 1994. He has a unique system that doesn't require crunches, sit-ups, or expensive equipment. The techniques he teaches will give you a strong mid section with six pack abs. He provides a simple, photo guidebook for you to follow. Any one can do it. There are testimonials on his website by people who have successfully used the product.

Over 500 million dollars a year is spent on exercise equipment and of this over 200 million of those dollars are spent on abdominal machines. Many of the ads are misleading and it makes it hard to determine what really works. He teaches you what he has learned that works. His program does not contain sit-ups, crunches, ab rollers, abdominal machines, or fat burning pills. Try David's techniques and see what actually works. 

His techniques to flatten your abs include:

Safe individualized progression training Pre-training fitness assessment

44 Targeted sequential exercises with photos

Fat burning nutrition secrets and methods

Scientific core conditioning

The $50 alternative to the $1500 Bowflex

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Flatten your abs

You can download an ebook and start using these techniques immediately. There are several bonus offers that you can take advantage of as well. David offers a money back guarantee if you are unsatisfied.


Click Here to learn how to flatten your abs

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Alkaline Diet


Discover how the Alkaline Diet can undo years of damage, it can revitalize your body and make you feel absolutely great again. And who wouldn't like that? Most people have been eating the wrong way. The Alkaline diet is different than the old food pyramid that contained meat, dairy, vegetables, grains, and fruits which created a deadly acidic meal.

The alkaline diet focuses on fresh vegetables citrus fruits, nuts, and legumes. Avoid problems like consuming dairy products, grains, meats and too much salt. This allows you to maintain a balanced pH which allows the body to sustain itself. Depending on the food you eat the pH level of your body varies. It can become acidic (less than optimal)  whereas the optimal pH level is slightly alkaline allowing our body to fight against different diseases.


To prevent acidosis you body may rob minerals from your bones causing osteoporosis which can lead to serious health problems. Excess acidity caused by an ongoing unhealthy diet causes health problems for your body. You need to learn how to overcome this problem with a healthy alkaline diet.



You need to focus on a new diet designed to balance your pH level which  over time can restore your health. You can subscribe to a free 5 day newsletter over a period of 2 weeks to help you understand how this new alkaline diet works.

  • Learn helpful tips from other subscribers
  • Learn how to restore you alkaline level
  • Learn that your health depends on the pH level in your blood
  • Learn the super foods that can restore your energy level
  • Learn how to lose weight fast and safely

What is the Alkaline Diet? It is a dietary procedure based on the consumption of foods which burns in the body to produce ash which in turn produces waste. Food can be classified as alkaline, acid, or neutral.

Click Here for a Free Video Presentation that reveals 3 secrets of the Alkaline diet to losing weight naturally

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Healthy Alkaline Diet
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New Ways to Lose Weight

Learning ways to  lose weight is something many of us need to do especially as we get older. When we were young and active we didn't have to pay much attention to what we ate because we were a lot more active then.  We could burn the calories as fast as we put them on. But as you get older many of us become less active and take on more calories than we burn. This site is being written to talk about different way to lose that extra weight.

After a few years of doing that it becomes increasing more difficult to lose the weight.  We end up trying different diets and different exercises trying to find the right combination that works for us.

How many of us has exercise equipment that we bought  and used for awhile and now the equipment is no longer being used and finally ends up in a yard sale. Did that Ab Belt, Ab swing, treadmill, elliptical machine, stationary bicycle, or those various diets work for you?

Are you ready to go to the beach this summer or are you afraid to go to the beach the way you look? Do you get enough sleep at night so that you wake up rested? This site is being written to talk about different way to lose that extra weight.





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Sleep Tips


Understanding  sleep and getting some sleep tips is essential for your well-being. Our brains are very active during sleep During sleep, we usually pass through five phases of sleep: stages 1, 2, 3, 4, and REM (rapid eye movement) sleep. 


We start in stage 1 (light sleep) and spend almost 50 percent of our total sleep time in stage 2 sleep, about 20 percent in REM sleep, and the remaining 30 percent in the other stages.  Stage 2 sleep, our eye movements stop and our brain waves become slower.  In stage 3, extremely slow brain waves called delta waves begin to appear, along with smaller, faster waves. By stage 4, the brain produces mainly delta waves. It is very difficult to wake someone during stages 3 and 4, which together are called deep sleep. There is no eye movement or muscle activity. In REM sleep, our breathing becomes more rapid, irregular, shallow, our eyes jerk rapidly, and our limb muscles become temporarily paralyzed. Hot or cold temperatures can disrupt this stage of sleep. However, REM sleep stimulates the brain regions used in learning.

Here are some sleep tips concerning the amount of sleep you should try to get. The amount of sleep each person needs depends on many factors. Infants need about 16 hours a day, teenagers need about 9 hours, and most adults 7-8 hours a day. Getting too little sleep creates a "sleep debt," that you need to try and make-up. Chances are that if you feel drowsy during the day, you haven't had enough sleep. Falling asleep within 5 minutes of lying down is another possible indicator. Sleep deprivation can be very dangerous. Too little sleep leaves us drowsy and unable to concentrate the next day. Try to determine and get the amount of sleep that feels right for you.

. Sleep deprivation can also trigger seizures in some people. Sleeping problems occur in almost all people with mental disorders such as depression.  Once sleeping problems develop, they can add to a person's impairment causing conditions like confusion, frustration, or depression. In summation, the sleep tip here is that getting more sleep can improve a persons' health and quality of life

Sleep tips for a getting a good night's rest:

  • Set and follow a regular sleeping schedule
  • Get regular exercise but be sure to relax before going to bed
  • Try to stay on a healthy diet and avoid caffeine and alcohol
  • Listen to white noise or soft music
  • Wake up with the sun or to a bright light
  • Controlling the room temperature so that it is comfortable

Learn how to get a restful sleep through the nignt and wake up refreshed in the morning.

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Get a good night's sleep
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