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20 Ways to Lose Weight: Get Slim Without Diets

20 Ways to Lose Weight: Get Slim Without Diets

At the very beginning of the spring, the desire for a flat belly and a slender waist will be heard again. But not everyone wants to be on the same diet. We give you 20 quick everyday tips that save you a lot of calories:
Tip 1: On the roll
Take fresh cheese instead of butter. This lowers the amount of fat you consume every day – but the extra flavor on bread and rolls remains intact.

Tip 2: Knabberspaß
You really want to nibble? Then grab gummi bears from the health food store. They are fat free and have less sugar, because they are made from fruit juice.

Tip 3: Grease away
Have you fried a piece of meat, fish or potatoes in the pan? Then, vacuum superfluous fat with kitchen roll. Simply put the meat on the cloth and cover it with a second cloth, wait briefly, finished. This saves significantly calories, but the taste remains.

Tip 4: ice cream
Especially in summer, hardly anyone can resist a delicious ice cream. Do not have to, but saddle. Instead of a calorie-rich milk ice there is a slight water ice on the stalk. That has only about 50 calories.

Tip 5: No large packs
Avoid going to the extra-large packs when walking through the supermarket – no matter what it is. If the bag is filled with chocolate, chips or spreads once in the kitchen, it is much more difficult to look away from a hot snack or stop before the bag is empty. But turned around: What’s gone is gone.

Tip 6: Alcohol
Alcohol has a lot of calories. So if you are used to drinking a beer or a glass of wine every evening, you can save yourself a lot of calories.

Tip 7: Housework
Of course, it would be best if you were to start more sports to lose a few calories. If you do not, however, there is another way to increase the calorie turnover per day: housework.

Tip 8: Sleep
Think about how much you’ve slept lately. Studies show that sleep deficiencies lead to additional kilos on the scales. So: To lose weight it should again be seven hours per night.

Tip 9: Vegetarian Day
Try to make a vegetarian day a week. If you do not just get fried vegetables or French fries, you will save a lot of calories. It is best to cook yourself a fresh vegetable pan or put on a fresh salad and soup.

Tip 10: More protein instead of carbohydrates
Carbohydrates are very quickly converted by the body and therefore they migrate directly to the hips. Therefore increase the protein content (ie fish, meat or tofu) of each meal and eat less noodles, potatoes or rice.

Tip 11: Do not have a break
Even if the crust tastes delicious, everything in which you meat, fish or vegetables before roasting, are additional calories. The flour panade is filled with oil. You can save these calories by frying meat or fish naturally – preferably even stewing.

Tip 12: Ginger and Lemon
Lots of drinking supports weight loss. This is probably the most known. If ginger and / or lemon are added to the water, it will still activate a “turbo”. Both foods stimulate the metabolism and thus the burning of calories.

Tip 13: Probiotic food
One reason for a stronger hunger feeling can be an attacked intestinal flora. It is caused by polluting fungi, germs or antibiotics. Quick remedy here provide probiotic food such as yogurt. They strengthen the bowel and counteract unnecessary hunger.

Tip 14: Smoothies
Smoothies are often praised as “healthy”. Whether or not they are consumed because of their vitamins, the high proportion of dietary fiber is counteracting hunger.

Tip 15: No finished products
Since finished products often contain hidden sugar or increased amounts of fat, it should be dispensed with if you want to save calories. This is true not only for the frozen food, but also for the alleged light yogurt.

Tip 16: The right lunch box
Many snacks have the effect of an easy intermediate meal in bakeries and shops. But the impression deceives. Alone a baguette / bread with camembert has 730 calories. So take a break from home for the lunch break.

Tip 17: Correctly sin
If you have to sin between them, then there is the possibility to eat in small portions. A chocolate or 125 milliliters of red or white wine or two filled wine leaves each have 100 calories.

Tip 18: Salad dressing
Do not use the salad dressing. They contain very much sugar. In homemade dressings you can also replace the oil with yoghurt.

Tip 19: Cinema Home
For all those who prefer to eat salty as a sweet, there is also a trick: Instead of opening a bag of chips in front of the TV, prepare a bowl of popcorn. For this, simply leave the raw grains in a pan for about seven minutes at high heat without grease and stir in between. You can then lightly simmer the nibbles. The advantage: 100 grams have about 320 calories (instead of about 550 calories for 100 grams of chips).

Tip 20: Buy the right mince
Bolognese or meatballs, the minced meat has a very high fat content because of the pork content. Instead, take the “scalded beef”. This only contains six percent of fat.

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